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Black Pearl Inc. is an advanced agency partner — specializing in helping businesses drive leads and close business through traditional offline channels, especially direct sales.

We’re direct Sales & Marketing specializing in branding, promotions advertising which includes small, mid & big-sized business in the BFSI, Insurance, IT and nonprofit arenas. It’s what we do, and we love it. As a result, we’re one of the nation’s most experienced and trusted direct marketing agencies.



Mr. Kushal Shah was born and raised in a humble family in Mumbai. Post completion of his Masters in Business Management at Mumbai University, he was at a crossroads of deciding between joining family business or setting up an enterprise. He chose the latter and in 2019, with the help of venture capitalists, he set up his own face-to-face advertising agency in Rajkot with partner offices in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar and several B-town cities servicing blue-chip companies.


Slide Paths are not cleared until you venture onto them. Doors aren't opened until you knock.
Obstacles aren't cleared until you reach them. Don't worry about what you think might happen,
focus on what is happening and make best of it. Show up for your happiness by working today for what you want tomorrow
Slide My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than i used to be Slide The 4 P's for success in life: PASSION, PATIENCE, PERSPIRATION, PERSISTENCE !


Ms. Lyric Agarwal

Ms. Lyric Agarwal

Founder | Palladium Group

Negative People need drama like oxygen. Stay Positive, it’ll take their breath away.

Mr. Sagar Punwani

Mr. Sagar Punwani

Organisational Consultant | The Legion Group

Smash Traditions- LIBERATE!

Ms. Richa Shetty

Ms. Richa Shetty

HR Director | The Legion Group

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to













Hi Things I experienced and learnt from Kushal and the whole Black Pearl team are invaluable. This experience taught me how a business runs and also how one should carry oneself professionally in an efficient manner. Moreover, it taught me how a positive mental attitude can help us overcome any obstacle in life.Really thank Black Pearl for giving me the opportunity to work with various legends. Cheers!

Siddhart Dighe

I would like to thank kushal for giving me such opportunity from which I learnt professional etiquette, attitude towards problem solving, communication skills and so on. These all things are helping me today to run my own business.

Nikita Thanki

Bespoke | Wedding planner

Skill Kulture is inclined towards developing your professional skills but I believe it has majorly helped me in shaping my mentality and personality. And the most important thing I learned from Kushal is to push your limits and having a belief in yourself.

Chaitali Thakkar

I’ve had the most fun working with Kushal during my tenure. Learnt alot. Being postive and pushing yourself always has always been his key motive. Big thanks to Kushal and Black Pearl for bringing me out of my Shell.

Aadi Singhal

RVCJ Digital Media | Business Development Executive/ Brand Solutions

Hi guys, This is Namita Shetty. I was working with Black pearl inc for a brief period. Working along with Kushal Shah I acquired more confidence & skills, that are imperative in today’s Corporate life. Through their practical Skill culture training. You get to understand the different knacks of running a Company , and it also teaches one how to overcome various glitches that comes along while running one’s company. They basically take effort in training and that in turn helps us become industrial ready by forecasting the dynamics that one will face while starting their own Company in near future. I’m currently working with Chatnisoft, where I’m handling operations.

Namita Shetty

Powerful & dynamic presenter who leaves a lasting impression; even our most negative team members were impressed…Thank you for a tremendous contribution to our business & the participative culture we have developed. Part of our success is due to your involvement & I am most grateful

Nikunj Dhiman

Orane International | Director

I think being a part for skill kulture even for 6 weeks was a very important part of my life. I’ve learnt it the hard way that without hardwork you will have no success, henceforth I’ve double my efforts in gaining as much technical knowledge.

Hansel D'souza

Burns & McDonnell | Piping Engineer

I have worked very closely with Kushal in the past and he is terrific at his work and he has a good eye for detail and he is possibly the best to learn from. He is very professional and possesses the genuine intellectual curiosity which helps him to self-actualize and grow with every step. I would love to work with him again in the future as it has been a great experience for me in the past.

Prathama Tripathi

Dentsu Perfect Relations | Image Executive

Blackpearl inc. provides a whole bunch of opportunities to anyone in the organization especially for those who have the drive for it. The most important thing that I appreciated is the learning that comes with those opportunities that fuelled my learning appetite. The good workplace culture has given the advantage to grow myself in skills and knowledge. The expertise of the people like kushal, lyric & sagar was a guiding light to learn principles of entrepreneurship. I’ve learned so many new things: all the colleagues taught me about the industry and shared their knowledge with me. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person.

Yughandhar Purohit

Starboard LLP | Managing Director

Working with black pearl was an amazing experience I had never came across, it was different from other company environment, it focus’s on employee growth, communication skill, work ethics , personal development, helps one to become more confident as a person.

Chandni Dudhani

Inspiro Makeup Artist | Founder

As a part of Black Pearl Inc. in the past, I have gained skills that were not only useful being a part of the team but also in life. Being experienced, all the training and field experience boosted my confidence and communication which was unlike other organizations i had worked with.

Disha Anand

My journey at Black Pearl has been life-changing. Learnt a lot of things but five major things that I’ve learnt here are: 1) Why being early is so important. 2) To be successful at any business Relationship Building and Customer Service are the key. 3) People handling skills which I believe is the most important skill required to grow your business. 4) Believe in the process and believe in yourself. 5) Law of attraction and positive mental attitude.

Bhumi Jain

It was a great experience working with the Black Pearl team. You start from the grass root level where you are mentored by experienced leaders. At every stage you get to learn new skills from leadership to learning how to run your own business. I’m thankful for all the teachings given to me by Kushal, Lyric and Sagar. Such positive beings, one would always love to be around. The enthusiasm at Skill Kulture always keeps you motivated, pushing you to be the best version of yourself.

Samrat Jinagouda


Working hard and enjoying it , was the  of crux what I learnt while working , the learnings were something which I would definitely  be using in every phase of my life ..

Nidhi Bipin

Advisory E&Y | Senior Analyst

You truly get, what you put in. No bullshit. No Shortcuts. Hardwork & Consistency can take you a long way.

Dhanshri Mahajan

Bayside Media Pvt Ltd | Senior Academic Counselor

I learnes how to be discipline, by meeting more people learned how to devlop a company through networking, keep training yourself to become better

Siddharth Dwivedi


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom!” – Black pearl was that opportunity to take risk, explore yourself, learn & grow, failure is not fatal, & it’s the courage to continue that counts. What I’m today is cos I opted to bloom.

Smruti Vakharia

Source solutions Incorporated | Organisational psychologist- R&D

Working with kushal was a great experience of life ,  learnt alot of things in those couple of months. The main thing I learnt working with him and and under skill kulture program was always  be positive and think to achieve something big in your life by  working as an entrepreneur and not as an employee

Mihir Badani

Company Secretary

Everyday is a learning day at Black Pearl group. This place gives a great opportunity to learn and develop yourself. Trainings provided are really helpful. Self confidence, great work ethics, punctuality and positive mindset are the skills developed in the matter of few months. I still use those skills in my day to day life. The training they provide is exceptional. The work environment is a lot fun and their first priority is their people’s growth which is very rare to find in other organizations

Hrishiv Kumar

GVC | Guest Relations Executive

Learnt how to be a good listener, how to believe in yourself, be goal-oriented

Shrishti Chandra


Black Pearl was an amalgamation of fun, friendship, Professionalism .with the team What I have gained is a strong mental attitude, perseverance, good communication skills, and obviously great friends.

Shreya Pandey

Grasim Industries (ABG) | Engineer in Mechanical Maintenance

Working with the Black Pearl Inc. has helped me a lot in like going out of my comfort zone and making a fortune for myself. Also it helps me to be bold enough to communicate like no matter who is on the other side of the conversation but that pinch of hesitation is just faded away which is also quite good for the long run other skills like Punctuality and Training comes as a byproduct when you are working here. Lastly, I would like to thank Kushal for giving me this opportunity to work with this company.

Dievij Vaidya

Rajlaxmi Hydraulics & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. | Service engineer

I had worked with Kushal and had a blast while working with him. I learnt how to develop a pro – active attitude to face any situation, how to effectively communicate with others, to develop those etiquettes which can help you achieve success in Business world. And most important, Kushal has a very positive attitude which inspired me alot. So I am greatly thankful for that experience.

Raghav Baldi

Chaturvedi & Shah | Chartered accountant

When i started working with Black Pearl i never thought i would be benefiting with nything other than a good income . But I have skilled up and improved myself in diffrent aspects. Firstly, this experience improved my productivity. There was a boost in my efficiency,  confidence and attitude. Talking about my skills which i developed are better Communication skills, Sales and Marketing skills most importantly.

Sijo John

The Indian Sibling Pvt Ltd | Founder

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